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If you are considering to work at BUNK, then you’ve probably read our story. About us being our slightly crazy and human selves, finding communal wonderment in a desert. About our dream of distilling it into BUNK. To be frank, there is no way we will achieve our dream without you, our future colleague.

Without our team, BUNK would just be a spot, with no soul. Not all BUNK employees have work experience in the hotel sector. Our common factor is that we truly enjoy helping others. Most of us live in the city we work in and we love to provide our guests with insider tips on what to do and where to go.


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We offer an environment where you can be yourself. Working at BUNK comes with a level of freedom and trust to express your personality and talents. We are looking for authentic people, not actors.

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We do things a little differently from other hotels. For getting our team together and working at full potential, we’ve gathered seven of the most wonderful principles from our worldwide encounters. We call them our 7 wonders. And they just come with the job.


We refuse to see hospitality as an industry. Instead, we see it as an intrinsic motivation. People like us just want to be good hosts, not because we were educated to, but because we’ve experienced good hospitality elsewhere on the planet. Now we want to return the favour as best as we can. Does that sound familiar?

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We believe that you’ll be a better host when you’re free to be yourself. So, when interacting with guests, you don’t have to go by the book. We trust you’re better off communicating with them on your own terms. And in the end, so are we. It saves us from writing a very boring book. And from being control freaks.


We employ humans. And humans make mistakes. Especially, when they show initiative. So, making mistakes comes with the job. As long as you’re willing to learn, we’d rather have you correct some mistakes afterwards than let go of your upfront assertiveness altogether.

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What makes you tick is what makes you click. Whether you are a foodie, a culture vulture or madly in love with the music scene, you will have local knowledge that your guests don’t. And if you feel free to share your passion as you see fit, you’ll probably forge deeper connections with them.


What would personnel be without personality? We prefer employing someone with an interesting story over someone with merely the right degrees. Because if you can captivate us with a good story, then you will probably give the guests a memorable time too.

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A fundamental part of BUNK is art. We value our relationship with local artists and their courage to express themselves. We expect that same respect from you. Because without them there would be no art. And like we read on a mural somewhere: without art earth would just be eh.


As much as we value individual freedoms, we are also part of a team. So we respect each others’ differences and we work together. And when we have achieved something, we party together too.