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Want to work at BUNK? Then you’ve probably read our story. About us being our slightly crazy and human selves, finding communal wonderment. About our dream of distilling it into BUNK. To be frank, we can’t make our dreams reality without you, our future colleague. Without our team, BUNK would just be a place with no soul. And what we all have in common is that we truly enjoy helping others. Working in hospitality is hard work. Many of our team members have a background in hospitality, but with the right energy and character, you’re more than welcome in our team. Most of us live in the city we work in, too, and love to provide our guests with insider tips on what to do and where to go.


Open Positions

Working at BUNK means that you can be yourself. For example, you can decide in which clothing you work and how you address our guess. We like authentic people and not pretenders.

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Interested in working with us, but not in any of the positions we have open at the moment? Contact us at We would love to meet you!



We do things a little differently from other hotels. To get our team together and working at full potential, we’ve gathered seven of the most wonderful principles from our travels around the world. We call them our 7 wonders. And they just come with the job.


We refuse to see hospitality as an industry, but rather as an intrinsic motivation. People like us just want to be good hosts, not because we were taught to be, but because we’ve experienced good hospitality ourselves. Now we want to return the favour as best as we can. Does that sound familiar?



We’re not control freaks. We believe that you’ll be a better host when you’re free to be yourself and to interact with guests the way you would normally. And when we talk about corporate culture, we mean that we’re doing everything together. At BUNK, you’ll find the General Manager at the same lunch table as our housekeepers. From director, to dishwasher, to bartender, everyone creates the experience at BUNK together.


We employ humans. And humans make mistakes, especially when they show initiative. So, making mistakes comes with the job. As long as you’re willing to learn, we’d rather clean up some mistakes after the fact than prevent you from trying new things.



What makes you tick is what makes you click. Whether you are a foodie, a music freak or a workaholic, you have a tremendous passion for your profession. It might sound silly, but we are looking for professionals who still see hospitality as a craft. And if you feel free to share your passion with our guests, their experiences will probably be a lot more interesting, and more personal.


We are looking for people with beautiful life stories who show commitment to people and who want to be involved with BUNK. For us, this doesn’t mean you have to have the right degree, but that you know how to connect and amaze, so that you create unforgettable stays for our guests.



BUNK is nothing without culture. We value our relationships with local artists. Without art – big or small – life becomes boring. Or as we once read on a wall somewhere: without art, the earth would just be ‘eh.’


Individual freedom is our top priority and we are also part of a team. So we respect each other as we work towards a common goal. We are open to change every day, and we are always there for each other. For better or for worse.