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Bunk Hotels

Where those who wander will start to wonder. Triggered by art, honest food and sincere smile. Where comfort and design are available to everyone without the need for deep pockets. To share old stories, new experiences and a drink, or two. Our dream is to create communal wonderment. After all, aren’t churches built for starting communal wonderment in the first place? Home at last.


Bunk With Us

Romantic get-away? Traveling with your crew? Or flying solo, on the cheap? Whether you book our biggest room or just a single-but-still-large private bunk, you’ll always get the full BUNK treatment.

So in addition to helpful hosts, 24/7 security and the furiously fast free wireless internet we also have luxury bathrooms, supersized double beds and fluffy towels as standard.

All of our rooms embrace the different quirks of each church, from high ceilings, to terraces, canal views and loft spaces. Our room types range in size, privacy and budget.

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